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$1 Per Image on CD
1) Prints: 50% on all Prints sizes (order directly from the website)

2) Digitals: $1.00 per image on CD if order >50 images. You can order now directly from the website. Contact us for details at Sam@SamsSnapshots.com.

3) We accept all kind of payments (all credit
cards, PayPal, and checks).

4) Hurry Sales ends soon without notice.
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How to Order Prints or Digital Images
To order prints click on the picture, choose the size, and follow instruction. For digital images, please e-mail me at sam@samsSnapshots.com.
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How to Leave Anonymous Comments
If you wish, you can leave short comments on each picture either anonymously or with your identity. Just click on the picture, scroll down to comment section and enter your short comment. To see examples, click on comments on the menu.
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Visit Thailand!!
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